Where To Get the Best Breakfast in Concord NH

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Looking for the best breakfast in Concord NH? We found the best spots for you, from local chains to modern cafes.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – even when you’re on vacation! Whether you’ll be walking the streets of New Hampshire’s state capitol or kayaking down the Contoocook River, fueling up in the morning is important.

Luckily, there are tons of cute cafes and restaurants in Concord, serving up some strong coffee and any breakfast dish you could ask for. Here are our favorites.

This post was most recently updated in May 2023.


80 South St, Concord, NH

(603) 413-5884


For a tasty Concord NH breakfast visit Tucker’s. This chain of breakfast and brunch spots is very popular and one of the best breakfast places in this part of New England, especially at this current location. Tucker’s is a comfort food haven. Expect everything from fresh fruit, breakfast sandwiches and vegetarian options.

You can expect to walk in and find a bustling scene in Tucker’s that is family friendly and an attentive wait staff. There are always diners in Tucker’s but they do a good job of trying to accommodate everyone, as you’ll find a large dining space with many tables and chairs.

What to get at Tucker’s: Tucker’s does have some amazing food, but their blended drinks and coffee options are standouts. Try a Salted Caramel Chai for something different to compliment your hearty meal. Tucker’s also makes a great cold brew coffee. For a Mexican styled breakfast try a Carnitas Bowl that is filled with pulled pork, local eggs, red pepper and red onions, cilantro pesto and queso chipotle hollandaise! Talk about flavor!

Red Arrow Diner

112 Loudon Rd, Concord, NH

(603) 415-0444


A traditional American breakfast in Concord, NH doesn’t get much better than at Red Arrow Diner. You may know Red Arrow in the nearby town already, but just like its other location, you can expect a great breakfast inspired by all your breakfast favorites.

The interior of the Red Arrow is pure nostalgia. Expect red stools and countertops, subway tiling, your breakfast made in front of you and the opportunity to shoot the breeze with other diners. It’s always a good experience at this spot.

What to get at Red Arrow Diner: French Toast is popular at Red Arrow Diners, especially the French Toast Stick Basket, which is perfect for younger diners. For those who like their sweet treats to start the day, try the PB & C Waffles. That’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate for those of you playing at home! Many regulars love the Chicken-Fried Steak too, that comes with their famous Sausage Gravy.

The POST Downtown

58 N Main St, Concord, NH

(603) 227-6686


Another contender for the best breakfast spot in Concord NH is The POST Downtown. This is the smaller of the two POSTs in Concord and is filled with great food options. Expect all your favorite full breakfasts and some other unique options.

This bustling spot is a great place to start the day. The wait staff is always bustling around to accommodate everyone and this downtown location is ideal for couples and those people starting their workday. Many regulars enjoy the al fresco painting on the walls that depict local landmarks.

What to get at The POST Downtown: Corned Beef Hash is right at the top of the menu here and boy is it a good meal to start your day with. The beef hash is slow roasted, which explains its mouth-watering texture. If you like some tastes of the sea in your breakfast, try the Carolina Crab Cake. This remoulade topped crab cake is served over eggs, toast and a side of your choice.

The Works Café

42 N Main St, Concord, NH

(603) 226-1827


The Works Café is a perfect spot for a fun breakfast in this part of New England. This coffee shop styled spot is perfect for grab ‘n’ go offerings. Got a meeting soon but need to eat? The Works Café is a perfect solution. The exposed brick and massive wooden counter are immediately warm and welcoming.

This chain is also a good option if you need to organize a breakfast or brunch delivery for your team. The Works Café pride themselves on serving food that is house made from scratch with meats and other proteins that are raised hormone and antibiotic free. Plus they serve breakfast all day!

What to get at The Works Café: Try an Ancient Grain Powerbowl for something different and more health conscious, especially the Bacon Avocado option. The sriracha sweet chili cream sauce compliments it perfectly. Their New York City-style bagels come with Vermont Cream Cheese making them super decadent and flavorful. A Kale Krush fresh smoothie is also a great health conscious option!

The Windmill Restaurant Inc.

172 Loudon Rd, Concord, NH

(603) 225-0600


A Concord, NH breakfast with an International twist can be found at The Windmill Restaurant Inc. This family friendly diner has décor straight out of the 90’s, so if you want to reminisce over a breakfast with friends or family, the Windmill is a great option

Expect all your favorite staples here, as well as international spins on what you love. This warm and comfortable food haven has an easygoing atmosphere. You won’t feel rushed and can enjoy a booth reading the paper while slowly planning out your day.

What to get at The Windmill Restaurant Inc.: For something hearty and traditional, get the Eggs with Home Fries and Sausage Links. This no frills breakfast option is a classic and will give you a good base to start the day. The Land n Sea Omelette is really unique, as it contains scallops, shrimp and bacon. It may not entice everyone, but seafood lovers may just love this option.

Morning Dew Café

374 Loudon Rd, Suite 1 Concord, NH

(603) 856-8825


Start the day off the right way with a real Concord, NH breakfast at Morning Dew Café. This simple, roadside, country kitchen themed breakfast café is a traditional local option that folks around here have probably dined in before. You’ve probably forgotten how reliable it is!

This small spot that has only a few tables and chairs, plus one big booth, has a small traditional American breakfast menu, but it is bound to have something for everyone. You can get your food from the drive through at Morning Dew too, not something you’ll find too often up here!

What to get at Morning Dew Café: Don’t expect fancy coffees, smoothies and shakes at Morning Dew, this is very much a traditional coffee spot. The Cheese Burger Omelette is very different, but it’s big and cheesy! The Farmer’s Breakfast comes with 3 eggs, home fries, 2 pancakes 2 slices of bacon and a sausage. You’ll definitely come out with a full belly after a visit to Morning Dew.

The POST Restaurant

125 Fisherville Rd, Concord, NH

(603) 228-0522


Get a hearty breakfast in Concord, NH at The POST Restaurant, one of the areas best restaurants too! This is the bigger of the two POSTs in Concord and while you can get breakfast here, it’s likely to be more of an option for later in the day.

This version of the POST looks almost like a big house when you are driving by, so don’t miss it! Expect all your favorites for breakfast here and a quiet crowd chowing down on consistently excellent food. Pull up a chair and enjoy the sweet treat from the onsite bakery also.

What to get at The POST Restaurant: The brownies from the bakery are fantastic. For those breakfast goers, who can’t resist a sweet start to the day, you will love these dense, flavor filled treats. The Cinnamon Roll is huge, gooey and great to share with someone. The Peach Crepes are lovely, light and bright! You can find other favorites like eggs benedict, chicken and waffles and corned beef hash here too.

baked Café & Bakery

249 Sheep Davis Rd, Concord, NH

(603) 856-8871


Lastly baked Café & Bakery is also a contender for best Concord, NH breakfast. This locally owned and operated breakfast spot is a great coffee shop with lots of great farm-to-table food options. This industrial-chic inspired establishment should be on your best things to-do list up here, especially when it comes to a coffee pit stop. You can even enjoy no delivery fees if you don’t like leaving the house!

While this place is excellent for solo dining, the friendly and inviting atmosphere in here is well known. Kids will love this spot for all the sweet treats and parents can enjoy catching up over some of the best coffee in New Hampshire.

What to get at baked Café & Bakery: The specials board each day is worth keeping a close eye on, as the staff here create some amazing dishes. The seasonal Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino is a Fall must have. If you are on the move, get a smoothie or iced coffee to go. Breakfast sandwiches are consistently popular here and you’ll loads of people coming in and out to pick them up all through the day.

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