Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Manchester NH

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Looking for the best breakfast in Manchester, NH? We’ve got you covered! Whether you want a mug filled with bacon (yes, really!) or a healthy oatmeal or quinoa bowl, there’s a breakfast option for you.

Manchester is not only the biggest city in New Hampshire but also the largest in Northern New England. It’s an underrated, slightly quirky city with some historical significance – all of which you can see in these breakfast dining choices.

This post was last updated in May 2023.

Red Arrow Diner

61 Lowell St, Manchester, NH

(603) 626-1118


A candidate for the best breakfast in Manchester, NH has to be the beloved Red Arrow Diner. Not only does it have a drive-through, but the Red Arrow is open 24 hours a day. First opening its doors in 1922, this is a favorite for Manchester night owls.

Expect a traditional 50’s styled diner when you enter with a long breakfast bar and red vinyl stools. It’s a tight space with lots of framed awards and newspaper clippings that are typical of local spots. When you come to the Red Arrow bring your appetite because the portions are big and send your taste buds into overdrive!

What to get at Red Arrow Diner: First off, it has to be noted that the Red Arrow probably has the largest menu in southern New Hampshire so picking out a local favorite is a very tricky proposition. If we had to narrow the search down for a breakfast favorite though, it might be hard to go past the Mug O’ Bacon. This is a mug filled with 20 slices of maple-cured bacon, where you can keep the mug, but should probably share the portion with others! Talk about a hearty breakfast!

The egg omelet bar is another popular feature on the menu with the Firecracker Egg Omelette being a highlight for spice lovers and those who really want to start their day off with a bang! For a British-influenced breakfast, try a Pork Pie and Eggs. For something light, you could always get some fresh fruit and ice cream too!

The Breakfast Club

342 Cypress St, Manchester, NH

(603) 232-3311


Aiming to throw its hat into the ring for best restaurants for breakfast in New Hampshire is The Breakfast Club, a relatively new entrant on the local scene. It’s a great place that has less of that traditional diner vibe and more of a minimalist and rustic one. The friendly staff (much like the kids at the end of the film this establishment shares its name with) make this spot near the Elliot Hospital a popular one.

It’s easy to spot the blue building off the street. You’ll find The Breakfast Club is warm and inviting with many folks swinging in to collect their food as takeout. Otherwise, pull up a chair or even tune out from the world in front of the TV at the bar.

What to get at The Breakfast Club: Much of the breakfast fare here is typical, but a popular option is the Farm Fresh Eggs. This simple and traditional food is often overlooked these days, but it’s hard to go past anything that’s farm fresh. Refreshingly, The Breakfast Club’s menu also has a ‘Let’s Get Healthy’ section with the homemade oatmeal and quinoa bowl being standouts with the more health-conscious diners. Crepes are also a feature on the breakfast menu, which is something you don’t necessarily see much of up here. The Nutella Banana Crepes are to die for!

Julien’s Breakfast Place

150 Bridge St, Manchester, NH

(603) 622-4044


Another candidate for the best breakfast in Manchester, NH is Julien’s Breakfast Place. This establishment is more on the traditional side with a country home and kitchen vibe. Having said that, the booths and various other unique spaces with kitsch décor inside Julien’s are both warming and nostalgic.

Pull up a high chair at the street-facing window and enjoy a hearty breakfast whilst enjoying a bit of people watching. This breakfast and brunch spot is a relaxing place and perfectly located across from Pulaski Park and only two blocks from the Currier Museum of Art.

What to get at Julien’s Breakfast Place: There are daily specials to enjoy at Julien’s Breakfast place but after you’ve gotten over the cute menu cover, you’ll find a breakfast menu filled to the brim with traditional options. Julien’s House Special is popular, largely because of its generous proportions of French Toast and home fries. Julien’s Benedict Special is another good item to go for, especially the Irish Benedict (which comes with hash). The Breakfast Sandwich is huge also and you can even get it served on a croissant!

Margie’s Dream Diner

172 Hayward St, Manchester, NH

(603) 627-7777


If you had to imagine what a traditional American diner looks like, Margie’s would be the answer. It’s like every film with a diner scene in it got its inspiration from here.

Margie’s likely has everything you are looking for on its densely packed breakfast menu and at more than reasonable prices. This breakfast spot is an ultra family-friendly restaurant and can be a popular spot later in the day too given the lunch items it lists.

What to get at Margie’s Dream Diner: Despite the traditional fare on the menu, there are two menu items that really jump out. Yia Yia’s Homemade Spinach Pita is a Greek inspired breakfast dish modeled on spanakopita. There’s also Becky’s Homemade Pork Pie that comes with two eggs your way. For a price that has to be seen to be believed (in a good way!), the Steak and Eggs Breakfast comes with an 8 oz. Rib Eye and a load of other foods you’d find in a delicious breakfast.

Waterworks Café

250 Commercial St, Suite 1004, Manchester, NH

(603) 782-5088


The Waterworks Café is two things: not in a traditional location and not a traditional breakfast space. It’s located in a commercial building right on the Merrimack River in downtown Manchester. The space inside is airy with lots of natural wood and exposed pipes. In fact, it resembles more of a funky table restaurant or trendy bar. Given the location, there are no outdoor tables here.

Given these differences from the traditional diners Manchester has a plethora of, expect to see more of a professional and younger crowd enjoying their breakfast before tackling the new work day. It’s a spot where more folks are on their laptops and checking emails than reading the newspaper here.

What to get at Waterworks Café: Unlike the other spots discussed that offer loads of hearty breakfast options, Waterworks has a much smaller breakfast menu. But what they do, they do well and with local ingredients used.

The Banana Nut French Toast is a very popular item on the menu as it is drizzled with locally made maple syrup. Fig Jam and Ham Tartines are another eclectic option to go for and come with a brie cheese spread. Waterworks’ Breakfast Sandwiches are great too, especially the California Breakfast Sandwich that comes with a number of healthy ingredients on a multigrain. The Waterworks Café brews some great coffee too, so start your day off right with a cup or three of good local stuff.

Murphy’s Diner

516 Elm St, Manchester, NH

(603) 792-4044


Another diner competing for best breakfast in Manchester, NH is Murphy’s Diner on Elm St, situated on the north side of Valley Cemetery. Folks come into this spacious diner that has features of yesteryear, like a traditional jukebox, but in a more rehashed, art-deco style.

Expect to see much of the typical American breakfast favorites as well as a broad alcohol list for those diners who love to add a little bit of adult to their most important meal of the day. Opened in 2012, Murphy’s in downtown Manchester provides comfort food, and beverages with an adult twist, but retains a very family friendly atmosphere.

What to get at Murphy’s Diner: At a place named Murphy’s you’d expect to find Irish Eggs Benedict, and you’d be correct. There are also Irish Eggs, an Irish Scrambler, and the Hungry Irishman Scrambler. Most of these come with a hint of Irish whiskey flavor in them, so if you like a wee dram every so often, you’re in luck. What tends to distinguish Murphy’s Diner though is its alcohol menu. In it, you’ll find 21+ Milkshakes like Murphy’s take on a Shamrock Shake (which comes with Irish Crème and Crème de Menthe), a Bloody Mary and Mimosa side menu, and draft beers. Cheers to the best place for a boozy breakfast!

The Local Moose Café

124 Queen City Ave, Manchester, NH

(603) 232-2669


Likely the best-named candidate for best breakfast in Manchester, NH is The Local Moose Café! Just before the Queen City Bridge, you’ll find this friendly breakfast restaurant filled with a variety of dishes inspired by different cultures.

The Local Moose Café looks like a house, but when you get inside it’s quite spacious and drenched in natural light, given that there aren’t lots of tightly packed tables. The café’s slogan is “Local. Sustainable. Fresh.” And they certainly are, with local farm ingredients filling the dishes of this menu. Your Sunday brunch will get taken to another level at this popular spot.

What to get at The Local Moose Café: Let the chalkboard be your guide when you are in The Local Moose. Breakfast sandwiches are popular here (in fact you’ll find some of the best breakfast sandwiches here) but the simple Peanut Butter, Honey, and Granola is a great, healthy, and filling option. For something totally different try a Banh Mi. This Vietnamese staple will flood your taste buds with totally different breakfast flavors including pickled vegetables and pork (or tofu) on house-made baguettes.

While a small menu, The Local Moose Café is one of the best things to do in terms of food in southern New Hampshire. Don’t forget to try the donuts! The Local Moose has arguably the best-priced Avocado Toast (with English muffins) on the planet too, plus it is drizzled with local honey.

There are many other cafes and breakfast diners in Manchester as well, though we think these are the very best! Honorable mentions go to the Airport Diner and Red Barn Diner. Both have the quintessential Great American Diner feel.

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