13 Best New Hampshire Breweries + Map & Full List

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It’s hard to believe that just 20 years ago, there were hardly any New Hampshire breweries beyond Budweiser. Boy, have times changed — there are now more than 70 craft breweries in New Hampshire!

If you enjoy visiting breweries, you are going to LOVE New Hampshire. Here it seems like a quirky new brewery pops up every few months!

And it’s WAY more than New England IPAs up here. New Hampshire is a state that tends to break the mold whenever possible, and you’ll find everything from traditional Czech pilsners to marshmallow fluff-infused sours in New Hampshire!

There’s a brewery for every mood. Let’s take a look.

This post was most recently updated in May 2023.

New Hampshire Breweries Map

There are breweries all over the state of New Hampshire, in every single region of the state. Use the map above to find the nearest brewery (or more likely, several nearest breweries) near you!

Most of these breweries are open several days a week. Keep in mind that Tuesday is a popular day for places to be closed in New Hampshire. Some smaller breweries are only open on the weekends.

Also, keep in mind that New Hampshire breweries are introducing new beers all the time. If you find a new favorite, enjoy it while you can and get ready for something new and delicious!

What are some family-friendly breweries in New Hampshire?

We at New Hampshire Way believe most breweries are for adults, but brewery restaurants with a kids’ menu like Moat Mountain Brewery in North Conway are a good option for families.

What are some good breweries in the White Mountains?

Some of the best breweries in New Hampshire are in the White Mountains! We love Rek-Lis Brewing in Bethlehem, Woodstock Inn Brewery in North Woodstock, and Schilling Brewing Company in Littleton.

What are the best breweries in Portsmouth NH?

In Portsmouth we happen to love Great Rhythm Brewing for the outdoor setting and sour beers. Don’t miss breweries just outside Portsmouth like Throwback Brewery.

What are some breweries near Lake Winnipesaukee?

We are big fans of Twin Barns Brewing in Meredith, and just down the road are Woodman’s Brewery and Shacketts Brewery in nearby Bristol.

A row of six small beers in a wooden holder, ranging from pale yellow to dark brown.

15 Best New Hampshire Breweries

How did we narrow this list down to the top 15? We at New Hampshire Way are working our way through all 70+ NH breweries, and each of them have something great to offer.

For this specific list, we chose to highlight some of the breweries that we thought had something extra special to offer, whether that was unusual beers, a unique atmosphere, or staff that make you feel right at home.

There’s no doubt that our list of favorites will continue to grow, so be sure to keep coming back!

A warm, wooden bar with twinkling lights. A bartender pours a beer in the background.

Post & Beam Brewing

40 Grove St., Peterborough, NH // 603-784-5681


We at New Hampshire Way are huge fans of Peterborough, such a beautiful New England village that it inspired the play Our Town! You can come to Peterborough for antiquing, visiting the excellent Mariposa Museum, or enjoying the Peterborough Diner — but we especially love Post & Beam Brewing.

A door at the back of Peterborough’s historic GAR Hall leads you up a staircase to a warm room, all wood and iron and warm, blinking lights. It feels like a part of history, and it is — it was founded as a secondary school in 1837, and later served as a veterans organization.

But you’re here for the beer — and they’ve got a lot of great beer here, with bartenders happy to chat about their favorites. Pull up a seat at the bar and have a chat with your bartender!

Beers to Try: The Our Town New England IPA is what started it all, and remains the top seller at the brewery. It’s juicy and citrusy with soft bitterness. This beer is exclusive to the brewery — they don’t even fill growlers!

The Unbearable Lightness of Pilsner is the brewer’s favorite: a clean and crisp Czech pilsner with a touch of bitterness. We loved the Half Time Pulse, a savory-sour Gose with hints of salt and coriander. Bandit Hat, the dry stout, is roasty and smooth with deep coffee flavors.

Know Before You Go: Limited food options, outside food welcome, kids welcome, outdoor space, events

An outdoor brewery where people are drinking beer beneath tents in front of an old-fashioned dark red building.

Schilling Beer Company

18 Mill St., Littleton, NH // 603-444-4800


Head to the White Mountains, mention an interest in beer and soon you’ll be hearing, “Oh, are you going to Schilling?” from everyone you meet. Yes, Schilling is both well-known and beloved in the White Mountains. People come from afar to try the great beers here.

While many New Hampshire breweries are going all in on IPAs, Schilling has a different approach: this place is all about progressive European-inspired small batch brewing. Here you’re likelier to find a variety of Czech pilsners than and endless array of NEIPAs!

The brewery is idyllically situated, right by the Ammonoosuc River in a mill building overlooking a covered bridge. It’s almost too small town New England for words. The outdoor sitting here is lovely; indoors is cozy on a chilly day. There is a tasting room and retail store as well.

Either way, be sure to stay for dinner — Schilling serves excellent wood-fired pizzas, some of the best in the White Mountains.

Beers to Try: Schilling is all about Czech, German, Austrian, and Belgian beers. Of all the Czech pilsners, our favorite was the Palmovka, sharp and sweet with hops on the end.

We also loved their Schlaumeier Hefeweizen, fresh and smooth, and their Konstantin Austrian-style Märzen, with deep and complex layers. The Poppy’s Moonship Gose, made with black current, cara cara orange, and their house culture, is the closest you get to beer for dessert.

Know Before You Go: Food served, kids welcome, outdoor space, store on premises

A brewery with a big chalkboard detailing the current beers on tap, and a few regulars sitting at the bar.

Woodman’s Brewery

195 Peaked Hill Rd., Bristol, NH // 603-744-3669


You’d be forgiven for thinking you took a wrong turn on the way to Woodman’s Brewery. Take a turn down a road in Bristol — a town where you may or may not have phone signal — and it feels like the woods is encroaching further and further around you, until a little cottage appears.

Woodman’s is an oasis in the woods — and it’s truly a family business. Son ** is the brewmaster; Dad ** helps with the brewing and also makes the fine paddles you see. Daughter Sandra is behind the counter; Mom ** pops in too.

On the weekends, the small indoor bar area is full of local fans and beer aficionados who venture down from Lake Winnipesaukee to sample the brews, play a board game or two, and enjoy one of the best small New Hampshire breweries.

Beers to Try: The bar patrons urged us to sample the Fireglow Irish Red, one of the local favorites, rich with a great mouthfeel. The Oishii Ale is a quirky offering: a Japanese-style pilsner made with barley and rice, almost with a cream of wheat aftertaste.

But the best-selling beer of all is Woody’s Maple Cream, a gentle, creamy ale with a maple flavor that lingers on the palate. The Woodman family also makes their own maple syrup.

Know Before You Go: No food served, kids welcome, outdoor space, board games, fireplace

Two people sitting outdoors on the grass, with an iron table with six different beers sitting on it.

Throwback Brewery

7 Hobbes Rd., North Hampton, NH // (603) 379-2317


Located in Hobbs Farm, on 12 acres in North Hampton, Throwback Brewery believes that people deserve to know where their food comes from. A women-owned brewery, owners Annette Lee and Nicole Carrier founded the brewery with the goal of sourcing 100% of their ingredients within a 200-mile radius.

They’re well on their way, with all beers at 70-99% local ingredients. And the setting won’t let you forget it — this brewery is in the middle of a farm, with an expansive outdoor space, that makes you truly appreciate what you’re drinking!

In addition to the brewery, Throwback offers everything from drop-in yoga classes to live music performances and ice skating in the winter. Or simply come in to enjoy some beer flights and their gastropub!

Beers to Try: Whether you want a solid IPA or something more outlandish, there’s plenty on tap here. The Keep NH Brewing is a solid cloudy IPA. The Cashmere Track Suit is a juicy IPA with hints of pineapple and citrus.

On the wilder end, we loved the Spicy Bohemian — a Czech pilsner infused with jalapeños for a spicy aftertaste that lingers. The Cheek Squeezer is a sour blonde ale that packs a punch.

Know Before You Go: Food served, kids welcome, outdoor space, events, live music

In the foreground, a big dish of nachos; in the background, five small sampler beers.

Woodstock Inn Brewery

135 Main St., North Woodstock, NH // (603) 745-3951


Woodstock Inn Brewery wears many hats. Located in North Woodstock on the edge of Franconia Notch and the town of Lincoln in the White Mountains, Woodstock Inn is one of the best boutique hotels in the region, while serving up delicious craft beers and excellent cuisine at their on-site restaurant.

If you’ve been out hiking all day, or exploring sights along the Kancamagus Highway, this is a great place to replenish your energy with a beer flight and their excellent nachos.

Or if you’re visiting in the winter, the fireplace is the perfect place to curl up with your favorite brew, or you could even try out one of the heated outdoor beer tents!

Beers to Try: We were surprised at how much we loved the Pig’s Ear, a brown ale with notes of toffee, caramel and chocolate. Don’t miss their 4000-footer IPA, arguably the most New Hampshire beer name ever, or the Mosaic Papaya Pale Ale.

And they don’t shy away from the even more outlandish. We tried a Mango Milkshake IPA, which our notes read “so weird that it works.”

Know Before You Go: Restaurant, outdoor space, accommodation on site, event venue

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Four beers labeled "Copper Pig Brewery" in a wooden holder, with a view over a river with a red brick building in the background.

Copper Pig Brewery

1 Middle St., Lancaster, NH // 603-631-2273


We’ve got to hand it to Copper Pig Brewery — they may have the coolest venue in all of New Hampshire. The brewery sits inside Lancaster’s most impressive building, a former bank that sat empty for 10 years. Enjoy the ornate interior — hilariously, the vault is the beer chilling room! — or enjoy a beer outside overlooking the Israel River.

Talking to owner Mike, a longtime home brewer who “put six taps in [his] kitchen and threw a lot of parties,” this brewery’s success has coincided with the resurgence of Lancaster, a town in the Great North Woods on the edge of the White Mountains whose population has begun growing again.

Come here for a sampler and one of the many dishes featuring pulled pork. They smoke all their meats on site, too.

Beers to Try: We enjoyed the Lars 007 Double IPA, brimming with deep hop flavor. The Cashmere APA is an easy drinking beer with hints of candied lime. And the peach sour? Get ready for that to blow your mouth wide open!

Know Before You Go: Restaurant, outdoor space

Five small, pale, frothy beers sitting in a wooden holder in an empty brewery.

Branch and Blade Brewing

17 Bradco St., Keene, NH // 603-354-3478


Run by two college friends who opened on Cinco de Mayo 2018, Branch and Blade’s mission is to constantly innovate in the world of craft beer, and push their creativity to the limits.

Keene may be all about it’s fun downtown area — but Branch and Blade Brewing is worth the short drive away. This brewery turns out some of the wackiest beers we’ve ever seen.

And they definitely have the creativity down! The beers are often strange but work so well, and the names are tongue-in-cheek. The bartender told us about one of their former bestsellers: “If the Glove Fits,” made with orange juice. It took us a second to get it.

Beers to Try: Take advantage of Branch and Blade’s unusual offerings. We were thrilled by the Love Comes Back, a fruited Gose meant to evoke a mimosa. The Psychedelic Love is an explosively sour blend of blackberry, raspberry, mango, tangerine, and marshmallow fluff.

More traditional? The Born Sinner is their flagship IPA, nice and hoppy; the Heaven & Earth is a subtle Kolsch that makes a good gateway to IPAs.

Know Before You Go: Food served, outdoor space, events, event space

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A bright and colorful bar, two people sitting at it and a bartender pouring samples.

Candia Road Brewing Co

840 Candia Rd., Manchester, NH // 603-935-8123


Located in a cozy yellow cottage just off the highway, Candia Road Brewing Co in Manchester has been turning out a variety of interesting beers since 2010. From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel like you’ve been coming here for years.

They wanted to create a laid-back atmosphere where you can enjoy excellent beers, and they definitely deliver. Chat with the friendly bartenders, grab a seat with friends by the fireplace, or even get up to play the piano if you’d like! (They also might be the only New Hampshire brewery with a Van de Graaff generator on site.)

And if you’re a vegan beer-lover, this is the New Hampshire brewery for you — they have a vegan chef, several vegan food offerings on the menu like a tofu banh mi and a vegan chorizo sorta, and are aiming for a goal of every dish on the menu being veganizable.

Beers to Try: You’ve got quite a lot to choose from here. We really enjoyed the That Ain’t Mars, an Oktoberfest Märzen-style that’s an annual fall favorite. The You Proppin? is a Czech Pilsner with a bit of a bitter polish; the Taj Mohair is a flavor-filled Harvest ale that doesn’t overdose itself in pumpkin, the way so many others do.

Know Before You Go: Vegan-friendly, food served, fireplace, events

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A big shingled house with a front porch, garden, Pride flag hanging in the front, and two girls sitting on the steps drinking beers.

Rek-Lis Brewing Company

2085 Main St., Bethlehem, NH // 603 991-2357


Are you finishing a day of hiking or skiing in the White Mountains? It’s hard to think of a better place to refuel than Rek-Lis Brewing Company in Bethlehem. This brewery and restaurant welcomes you with nice gardens and a cozy porch, making you feel like you’ve come home.

Owners Ian and Marlaina say it best: “If there’s a mountain in our path, we’ll climb it…At the end of it all, give us a beer. We’ll drink it, and then we’ll want to brew a better one!”

Refuel with their selection of ever-changing beers, and top it off with a nice burger or some poutine. This place knows how to do good post-hiking food!

Beers to Try: Beers at Rek-Lis are continuously changing, but we enjoyed a few IPAs, including the Hare Splitter and the Clouded Judgment, a sweet and hazy New England IPA. Time your visit right and you could end up with the Jack-a-Rowe, a pumpkin and yam beer, or the Love Lulu Chocolate Cherry Stout.

Know Before You Go: Restaurant, outdoor space, kid-friendly

A huge wooden sampler containing eight different small beers of different colors from dark brown to gold.

Moat Mountain Brewing Company

3378 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, NH // 603-356-6381


What pleased us the most at Moat Mountain Brewing Company? The sheer size of the beer flight! Here we got eight different beers in a single flight — that’s the most we’ve seen anywhere in New Hampshire.

Moat Mountain has been in the brewing game for quite some time, making their beer down the street in a barn in Intervale. But beyond that, they’ve built one of the favorite local restaurants in North Conway, featuring smoked meats in any form you can imagine. (We at New Hampshire Way are big fans of the brussels sprouts appetizer and the Texas-style chili.)

If it were only about the beers, Moat Mountain would be one of our favorite breweries in New Hampshire — but when you add in the fantastic food, Moat Mountain is one of our favorite things to do in North Conway. Be sure to make a stop here.

Beers to try: We loved the Bone Shaker Brown Ale, with nutty caramel and chocolate notes. If you like your stouts strong without being too sweat or creamy, you’ll love the Square Tail Stout. And the Hoffman Weiss was a revelation — a white ale with banana flavors, that shouldn’t work but somehow came out great!

Know Before You Go: Restaurant, outdoor space, kid-friendly

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An old-fashioned red convertible parked in front of Great Rhythm Brewing's big gray warehouse-like location.

Great Rhythm Brewing Company

105 Bartlett St, Portsmouth, NH // 603-430-9640


There’s nothing like New Hampshire’s Seacoast during the summer months, and one of our favorite breweries to visit when it’s warm out is Great Rhythm in Portsmouth. While we love coming here year-round, you can’t beat the outdoor setting, with umbrella-shaded picnic tables overlooking North Mill Pond.

But perhaps the first thing you’ll notice here is the music. Great Rhythm’s owners, Kristen and Scott Thornton, are all about sharing their love of music with their visitors, always discovering new tracks, playlists, and genres.

They love their hazy New England IPAs here, but are always experimenting with new offerings.

Beers to Try: The Soundcheck is their flagship IPA, with new and vibrant Soundcheck variations every now and then. At the time of our most recent visit, Great Rhythm was on a sour kick, with varieties like the Lemonberry Squish, a cranberry-tangerine-cherry sour simply called Bliss, and the peachy Pêche Floue.

Know Before You Go: Outdoor space, no food served

An old-fashioned red barn brewery with an attached wooden deck.

Twin Barns Brewing

194 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith, NH // 603-279-0876


Looking for a nearby brewery on your trip to Lake Winnipesaukee? Twin Barns Brewing is located a stone’s throw from downtown Meredith and Weirs Beach. Owners Dave Picarillo and Bruce Walton grew up in Boston and spent their summers on the lake, achieving their long-held dream of bringing craft beer to the place they loved.

We love the space here: a bright red barn from the 1850s with a big, spacious interior and a covered outdoor space. There’s a selection of board games if you want to make an afternoon of it (especially on a rainy day on Lake Winnipesaukee).

While we wouldn’t describe Twin Barns as a full restaurant, they have a surprisingly big menu, including a kids’ menu. Checking so many boxes, this is one brewery we are glad to have in the heart of the Lakes Region!

Beers to Try: If you like your IPAs, be sure to try the Lake Cruiser, their hazy double New England IPA, with lots of intense hop flavor. We also enjoyed the Sandbar, a strong yet delicate blonde ale that made for easy drinking alongside their menu.

Know Before You Go: Food served, outdoor space, board games, kid-friendly

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The yellow colonial home reading Sea Dog Brewing Co next to a river in Exeter, NH.
Sea Dog Brewing in Exeter, NH

Full List of New Hampshire Breweries

Here is the complete list of breweries in New Hampshire for you to plan your trip.

Seacoast Breweries

The Seacoast is way more than just a coastline. This region includes the coastal towns of the state, including Hampton and Portsmouth, as well as technically inland towns like Dover and Exeter.

If you’re looking to visit several New Hampshire breweries within one day without a designated driver, we highly recommend Portsmouth. Portsmouth has several excellent breweries within walking distance of each other, and Uber can get you to the ones a bit further away. It’s helpful to stay overnight, too!

Portsmouth, NH Breweries

Earth Eagle Brewings — Portsmouth, NH

Great Rhythm Brewing Company — Portsmouth, NH

Liars Bench Beer Company — Portsmouth, NH

Loaded Question Brewing Company — Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth Brewery — Portsmouth, NH

More Seacoast Breweries

Czar’s Brewing — Exeter, NH

Deciduous Brewing Company — Newmarket, NH

Empty Pint Brewing Company — Dover, NH

Garrison City Beerworks — Dover, NH

Smuttynose Brewing Company — Hampton, NH

Stoneface Brewing Company — Newington, NH

Stripe Nine Brewing Company — Somersworth, NH

Throwback Brewery — North Hampton, NH

A little yellow house with a wooden porch reading Candia Road Brewing Company.
Candia Road Brewing Company in Manchester, NH

Merrimack Valley Breweries

Merrimack Valley is home to two or New Hampshire’s largest cities — Manchester and Nashua — and each of them have quite a few breweries within town!

The Merrimack Valley is home to most of New Hampshire’s population, and you can find plenty of breweries, from Londonderry to Concord, from Salem to Merrimack.

Manchester, NH Breweries

Backyard Brewery and Kitchen — Manchester, NH

Candia Road Brewing Company — Manchester, NH

Great North Aleworks — Manchester, NH

Republic Brewing Company — Manchester, NH (coming soon!)

Stark Brewing Co. — Manchester, NH

To Share Brewing Company — Manchester, NH

Concord, NH Breweries

Concord Craft Brewing Company — Concord, NH

Lutheran’s Limited Brewery — Concord, NH

Nashua, NH Breweries

Liquid Therapy — Nashua, NH

Martha’s Exchange — Nashua, NH

Millyard Brewery — Nashua, NH

Odd Fellows Brewing Company — Nashua, NH

Spyglass Brewing Company — Nashua, NH

TaleSpinner Brewery — Nashua, NH

More Merrimack Valley Breweries

603 Brewery & Beer Hall — Londonderry, NH

Blasty Bough Brewing Company — Epsom, NH

Border Brewery and Barbecue — Salem, NH

Budweiser Brewery Experience — Merrimack, NH

From the Barrel Brewing Company — Derry, NH

Henniker Brewing Company — Henniker, NH

Kelsen Brewing Company — Derry, NH

Long Blue Cat Brewing — Londonderry, NH

Able Ebenezer Brewing Company — Merrimack, NY

Northwoods Brewing Company — Northwood, NH

Odd Ball Brewing — Suncook, NH

Out.Haus Ales — Northwood, NH

Pipe Dream Brewing — Londonderry, NH

Rockingham Brewing Company — Derry, NH

A large, spacious room in a brewery with a bar made out of a giant slab of granite.
Ledge Brewing Company in Intervale, NH

White Mountains Breweries

The White Mountains are a one-two punch: some of the best hiking in New England, and plenty of breweries with excellent brews to enjoy at the end of your day!

The two main hubs in the White Mountains are North Conway and the Lincoln/North Woodstock area, but we’re big fans of the Franconia area for some of the best beers in the Granite State.

North Conway, NH Breweries

Ledge Brewing Company, Intervale, NH

Moat Mountain Brewing Company, North Conway, NH

Sea Dog Brewing Co, North Conway, NH

Tuckerman Brewing Company, Conway, NH

North Woodstock and Lincoln, NH, Breweries

One Love Brewery — Lincoln, NH

Twin Barns Brewing North — North Woodstock, NH

Woodstock Inn and Brewery — North Woodstock, NH

Other White Mountains Breweries

Dam Brewhouse — Campton, NH

Iron Furnace Brewing — Franconia, NH

Rek-Lis Brewing Company — Bethlehem, NH

Schilling Beer Company — Littleton, NH

An old-fashioned New England town with lots of brick buildings.
Lancaster, NH, and the Copper Pig Brewery

Great North Woods Breweries

The Great North Woods is New Hampshire’s most sparsely populated region — but that doesn’t mean locals don’t enjoy a good beer! At this time there are two breweries located in the region.

Copper Pig Brewery — Lancaster, NH

Coös Brewing Company — Colebrook, NH

A row of five sampler beers in front of a black painted brick wall and a cartoon of a red rooster in a suit and fedora.
Vulgar Brewing Company in Franklin, NH

Lakes Region Breweries

The Lakes Region is way more than just Winnipesaukee. Here you’ll find picture-perfect New Hampshire small towns that just so happen to have a fabulous brewery as part of their downtown.

Big Water Brewery — Salisbury, NH

Burnt Timber Brewing — Wolfeboro, NH

Canterbury Aleworks — Canterbury, NH

Hobbs Tavern and Brewing Company — Ossipee, NH

Kettlehead Brewing Company — Tilton, NH

Lone Wolfe Brewing Company — Wolfeboro, NH

Shacketts Brewing Company — Bristol, NH

Twin Barns Brewing — Meredith, NH

Vulgar Brewing Company — Franklin, NH

White Mountain Brewing — Ashland, NH

Woodman’s Brewery — Bristol, NH

A wooden covered bridge in the middle of the forest.
A covered bridge near Lake Sunapee

Dartmouth-Sunapee Breweries

The Dartmouth-Sunapee region is a bit tougher for breweries — many are only open a day or two a week. Still, here is the complete selection.

Polyculture Brewing Company — Croydon, NH

Two people standing by the gray cement counter in a modern, cavernous brewery.
Modestman Brewing in Keene, NH

Monadnock Breweries

Keene is the anchor of the Monadnock region, but that’s not all. From Peterborough to Marlborough to Troy, you’ve got some of the Granite State’s best breweries nearby.

Keene, NH Breweries

Branch & Blade Brewing — Keene, NH

Elm City Brewing — Keene, NH

Modestman Brewing — Keene, NH

More Monadnock Breweries

Brewers of Nye Hill Farm — Roxbury, NH

Frogg Brewing — Marlborough, NH

Granite Roots Brewing — Troy, NH

Monadnock Brewing Company — Langdon, NH

Post & Beam Brewery — Peterborough, NH

Four small beers in tiny wooden glasses in a wooden sampler board.

Please Drive Safely

New Hampshire is a state where people get around by driving. If you plan on visiting a brewery — or especially multiple breweries — please be sure to have a designated driver.

However, if you don’t want to have a designated driver, our recommendation is to go brewery-hopping in Portsmouth, Manchester, or Nashua, and get around with a combination of walking and Ubers or taxis.

Portsmouth’s five breweries are within walking distance of each other; Manchester’s and Nashua’s breweries are a bit more spread out and you’ll need an Uber.

Please don’t ruin your life, or many other people’s lives, by driving while intoxicated. We want you to enjoy these New Hampshire breweries safely!

2023 Update: A previous version of this article recommended White Birch Brewing, Hoptimystic Brewing, Aigean Ales, Tilton Brothers Brewing, and Smuttlelabs Brewery, all of which are now closed.

Best of New Hampshire:

What’s your favorite brewery in New Hampshire?

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