12 Best Restaurants in Hampton NH

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Looking for the best restaurants in Hampton NH? Have we got a great list for you! Hampton Beach is the star of New Hampshire’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it coastline, and here you can end your beach day with some fabulous seafood caught the Atlantic Ocean that morning!

But there’s more to Hampton than just the beach itself. Plenty of the top restaurants in Hampton are away from the beach, enjoying more of a local atmosphere, especially during the busy summer months.

Whether you’re looking for high-end lobster or kid-friendly pizza, Hampton has plenty of options for you.

Here are our favorite restaurants in Hampton NH.

This post was most recently updated in May 2023.

A collection of restaurants on a street next to a beach.
Hampton Beach Restaurants, via Ritu Manoj Jathani on Shutterstock.

The Goat Hampton

20 L St, Hampton, NH // (603) 601-6928


Sitting on the corner of L Street and Ashworth Ave is this Western-themed shack that is filled with great food, live music, and a big whiskey list to work your way through. Summer nights are a lot of fun at The Goat where you can dance the night away or relax on the patio outside with new friends and absorb the warm vibes.

The Goat is one of those places where guests come to fill up the ceiling and walls with their cash and enjoy a very unpretentious drink or three. Grab an open stool and belly up at the square bar, or a table and enjoy the outdoor bar. As they say here, “the whiskey made you do it!” The drinks and food are big, and so are the laughs!

What to get at The Goat: As mentioned, the food and drinks are big here, so not only is there good value for money, but you should come in hungry and thirsty! There’s a fun cocktail list at The Goat, with the Hillbilly Gatorade a real highlight. It’s for the sweet tooth! The food menu is very meat-forward, but the Fried Buffalo Cauliflower is a great vegetarian option. From the extensive burger list, try the Walk of Shame which is stuffed with sweet potato waffle fries, an over-easy egg, and the secret Goat sauce.

Perkins Pier Clam Shack & Bar

134 Ashworth Ave, Hampton, NH // (603) 601-7702


It’s easy to drive past this shack, but for an authentic fresh seafood experience at a Hampton Beach restaurant, it’s hard to pass up Perkins Pier Clam Shack & Bar, aka the Pier Clam Shack. Located on Ashworth Ave and Perkins Ave, this shack is perfect for food and drink right after coming off the beach. Your flip flops and board shorts will be just fine in here!

Expect friendly staff with a relaxed vibe and the perfect spot to continue enjoying the warm summer sun on the small patio area. All your American styled seafood favorites can be found at Perkins Pier Clam Shack & Bar! Many visitors comment on how this place has very distinct Key West vibes.

What to get at Perkins Pier: The seafood is typically the drawcard for guests at Perkins Pier, but the Surf and Turf is also extremely popular. Expect a big ol’ 1 lb. rib eye cooked perfectly and a succulent sauteed lobster tail to accompany it. The Strawberry Salad is a great post-beach refresher and comes with a delightful Honey Balsamic Dressing. The Pork Belly Tacos are also popular here as the pork belly is delicately smoked.

Lupe’s 55 Cantina Mexican Grill

275 Ocean Blvd, Hampton, NH // (603) 601-6164


Lupe’s 55 Cantina Mexican Grill is an oceanfront establishment and is the perfect place to scratch your Mexican food itch when in Hampton, NH. Lupe’s has great staff, delicious food and a fun atmosphere. A day of swimming or surfing off Hampton Beach will only be complete with a Mexican feast afterwards!

Plenty of folks visit Lupe’s for takeout, but the bright and colorful dining area is often bustling and filled with folks enjoying their favorite Mexican dish with a cold, frosty cerveza or giant tangy margarita. Keep an eye on the specials board when visiting Lupe’s 55 Cantina Mexican Grill too!

What to get at Lupe’s: The Vampire Taco Plato is a big one, as it’s essentially a giant taco filled with everything you could imagine and your choice of protein. The Camarones (Shrimp) Ceviche Tacos are an interesting seafood take on a Mexican classic and come dressed in a delectable Mango Habanero Salsa. For dessert, try the Dessert Nachos or a classic Churro!

MomoYo Ramen

23 Ocean Blvd, Hampton, NH // (603) 601-2376


For something that is a little different but still filled with hearty and good food (especially during the cold winter months) try MomoYo Ramen. This is a popular spot for those locals looking for something more exotic in a quick bite menu, and first timers can expect a tour de force in taste! This ramen joint is located next door to Coffee Break Café.

Expect to find locals tucked into this no-frills spot huddled around piping hot bowls of this tasty Japanese inspired dish. MomoYo Ramen has excellent service and gets your food out to you quick. If it’s your first-time trying ramen, you likely won’t find a better spot in New Hampshire!

What to get at MomoYo Ramen: The Veggie Miso Ramen is delightful! There’s plenty of fried tofu to soak in the miso broth and delicate enoki mushrooms complementing it. Throw an egg in for a different consistency too! The Beef Gyudon Bowl is full of thinly sliced beef, bok choy, and oyster mushrooms making it a perfect cold day dish.

L Street Tavern 603

17 L St, Hampton, NH // (603) 967-4777


This easy-to-remember spot is known for great drinks, live entertainment, and plentiful helping of fun late-night shenanigans. If it’s your last night in Hampton, NH, make sure L Street Tavern 603 is on your bar crawl list. It truly is a perfect place to party the night away in a friendly, local venue without pretenses.

Inside you’ll find plenty of high tops dotted around the long bar with plenty of TV screens to catch the big (or local) game, party games to play with your crew and an outdoor patio to relax on and watch the crowds walk past on a warm summers evening. There’s always daily drinks and food specials to try and a friendly atmosphere at L Street Tavern 603!

What to get at L Street Taven: There’s a specific Mac ‘n’ Cheese section of the menu at L Street Tavern 603, but the Lobster Mac is the standout. Expect gooey heaven and generous proportions of lobster too! Get a Nor’easter Cocktail with your food to kick your evening up a notch. In the Fall, the Pumpkin Spice White Russian is extremely popular. Tuesday night is all-you-can-eat tacos and $5 margaritas! L Street Tavern 603 might also have the most affordable Lobster Roll on the planet too!

Hoaty’s of Hampton

682 Lafayette Rd, Hampton, NH // (603) 926-1198


No New Hampshire or New England town would be complete without a great breakfast and lunch styled diner, and you can find Hampton’s version at Hoaty’s. Expect to find all your American breakfast and lunch classics here! One other major drawcard for Hoaty’s of Hampton is that they have a delivery service!

Inside you’ll find great service (no hour wait time here!), lively conversation and a quaint dining area with a small bar eating area too. Located on Lafayette Road and only a few doors down from the Peking Chinese Restaurant, Hoaty’s of Hampton is a perfect way to start your day in Hampton.

What to get at Hoaty’s: They serve breakfast all day at Hoaty’s and the Texas Breakfast is a popular dish here. The Home Fries make it a real treat! For those with a sweet tooth in the morning, try the Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake straight out of the oven. It’s a sweet gooey treasure!

Old Salt Restaurant at Lamie’s Inn

490 Lafayette Rd, Hampton, NH // (844) 278-5426


When you are seaside, it would be hard not to go in and eat at a place called Old Salt, right? And the beauty of this establishment is that you can stay here too! Old Salt Restaurant at Lamie’s Inn is a great spot to experience a more traditional side to Hampton and New England overall, with a dining room that is iconic of these parts.

The Old Salt has many seafood favorites and is certainly one of the best restaurants in the area for lovers of lobster and crab. The rooms in the Inn are decently priced and well-appointed but expect them to be rare in the summer months. Fall is always an amazing time to visit these parts though, so Lamie’s Inn makes for a great place to post up.

What to get at Old Salt: Check the weekly specials at Old Salt for some seasonal surprises, and keep in mind that Wednesday evening is $5 martini night – which is perfect if you are staying in the inn! While there are plenty of seafood options on the menu, the Steak Tips are quite popular here and come with several tasty add-ons. If you’re with ‘Young Sailors’ (the kids), the Old Salt has them covered too with hot dogs and other traditional children’s menu alternatives to keep them happy.

Galley Hatch Restaurant

325 Lafayette Rd, Hampton, NH // (603) 926-6152


The Galley Hatch is arguably the best restaurant in Hampton for the whole family. There’s something for everyone in this sprawling behemoth of a place and it also offers both delivery and curbside pickup. Galley Hatch contains an onsite bakery and pub too. Talk about covering all the bases!

The pub area is full of low lighting and a very well-stocked bar, making it a great spot to enjoy the game. Grab one of the fireplace tables during the winter to kick back and relax with that special someone. As mentioned, this is a large dining spot so there are plenty of seating options, including booths and an outdoor patio area to enjoy during the warm weather months.

What to get at Galley Hatch Restaurant: For seafood but something different, try the Freshly Caught and Chargrilled Swordfish. This is almost like a delightful fish steak and perfect for someone who wants to try fish but isn’t ready to dive in headfirst just yet! The Steak and Bleu Cheese Pizza is a unique combination of prime rib, red onion and bleu cheese crumbles, so it has an amazing sweet and savory taste. The Fried Banana Cheesecake dessert is decadent and comes topped with delicious vanilla ice cream from the café.

Martha’s Restaurant

153 Lafayette Rd, Hampton Falls, NH // (603) 929-5092


Head down Lafayette Road toward Hampton Falls and you’ll hit this roadside gem of a spot. Martha’s is a Lebanese restaurant that is family owned and operated. You can order online through the Toast app for pick up or simply head on over to the window for friendly service.

Inside Martha’s you can find a few small tables, but typically Martha’s is a takeaway joint. Expect to see American Food with a Lebanese twist and many Middle Eastern delicacies that aren’t typical of these parts. Martha’s is a truly unique food experience in Hampton!

What to get at Martha’s Restaurant: The kabobs or shawarmas are always good here. Stuffed Grape Leaves, also known as Dolmas, are juicy and refreshing on a summer’s evening. Hint: impress the owners by calling them dolmas! There are plenty of salad options on the menu at Martha’s, as well as Lebanese go-to dishes like Babaganoush, Taboule and Hummus platters. Always get your food with a side of Tahini or Garlic sauce!

Thai House Restaurant

442 Lafayette Rd, Hampton, NH // (603) 929-1110


Right in the middle of town, you’ll find Thai House Restaurant. This is a casual spot that has all your Thai cuisine favorites, including curries and stir fries. While it isn’t necessarily fine dining here, you can expect quick service and great food, always.

Thai House Restaurant offers curbside pickup and delivery too, making it a perfect option on those nights that you can’t be bothered leaving the house, nor cooking! There aren’t many tables in the dining room, but this food spot makes for a great jumping off point to your night on the town.

What to get at Thai House: Try the Bamee Naum, which is a noodle dish that comes with steamed pork, bok choy and fried garlic. The tastes are delicate, but so warming and satisfying. The menu says that Krapow Leaf Fried Rice is the most delicious fried rice dish in Thailand. It is medium in terms of its spiciness and is adorned by authentic Thai Krapow leaves which is then stir fried. This is said to be a delicacy in Thailand, but you get to try it up here in New Hampshire!

Al Gauron Luncheonette

1 Ocean Blvd, Hampton, NH // (603) 926-0595


Al Gauron Luncheonette is a modern take on the traditional lunch diner found so commonly in this part of the country. Expect to find many local ‘old salts’ inside enjoying their lunch after a long day on the water. The bar area is very casual, but it is worth finding an open stool to listen in on all the tall tales about what happens out on the water.

Al Gauron Luncheonette is a good starting point if you are going fishing, whale watching or some other chartered adventure. There is some room to eat outside on the well-worn patio furniture too. What this spot does have is great views, making it a perfect place for enjoying good food and fresh air at the same time.

What to get at Al Gauron: All your traditional breakfast favorites are here, and the portions are generous and extremely well priced. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. The Breakfast Sandwich is on an English Muffin, making it a real stomach filler. You’ll find Home Fries all over the menu at Al Gauron Luncheonette. The French Toast is also popular here and comes in three giant wedges.

Secret Spot

931 Ocean Blvd, Hampton, NH


Finally, Secret Spot is another contender for best restaurant in Hampton, NH. The ocean view here is excellent and many locals flock to it for the food, drinks and great view. Having said that wouldn’t it mean that Secret Spot is rather ironically named?

Secret Spot looks exactly like you’d expect any surf diner to look like. It’s a shack with minimal seating and lots of cool sea oddities on its walls. The food here is simple but full of flavor. Grab a stool on the patio and enjoy the vibes and views at Secret Spot.

What to get at Secret Spot: Acai Bowls are popular at Secret Spot, especially the OG that is packed with berries and banana. All come with Organic Sambazon Acai. Try a Marley Smoothie that also has acai in it but comes with banana, guava and strawberry. The Green Smoothie is also popular and has plenty of healthy blended kale in it.

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