7 Spookiest Haunted Houses in New Hampshire

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If you love Halloween, ghosts, and everything horror-related, you are going to love the haunted houses in New Hampshire. The Granite State is home to some of the scariest haunted houses that New England has to offer!

For those that long to see a face in an upstairs window, or maybe hear unexplained tapping sounds echoing through the halls, haunted houses are the perfect Halloween fright.

Not only that, New Hampshire has some of the top-rated haunted places in the United States. Don’t skip out on this state, especially if you are a horror fan and love terrifying thrills. If you’re less of a thrill-seeker and still want to enjoy autumnal activities, some of the attractions on this list provide classic fall activities such as pumpkin patches, ghost tours, and hay rides, all without the scares.

In terms of New Hampshire haunted houses, there are plenty of spooky options that evoke the true spirit of Halloween — one of the best things to do in New Hampshire in the fall.

Ready to be haunted? Check out our picks for the top haunted attractions in New Hampshire.

This post was most recently updated in September 2023.

Two women in plaid looking around the corner, with a spooky creature breaking through the window in the background

Spooky World

454 Charles Bancroft Highway, Litchfield, NH


Spooky World, home of Nightmare New England, knows what they are doing when it comes to giving you a fright. It is considered New England’s largest haunted attraction, and permanently resides in Litchfield, NH. Spooky World has earned a variety of awards for their horrific creativity.

If you’re in search of a haunted hayride, Spooky World created an incredibly ambitious attraction by developing a mile-long haunted hayride, which is unlike any other in New Hampshire. Spooky World boasts 80 acres of horror thrills altogether.

Spooky World is always looking to add new events and attractions to their terrifying reputation, and they have recently added the brand new “Asylum 47.” Asylum 47 is built around the concept of being in a mental hospital on New Year’s Eve in 1947. Can you escape in time before the clock strikes midnight?

Fright Kingdom

12 Simon Street, Nashua, NH


Another fabulous attraction in the state of New Hampshire is Fright Kingdom. Fright Kingdom features four to five spooky attractions each season that are dedicated to giving you a thrill. This season, don’t miss out on their four main attractions.

One attraction, named “Apocalypse Z,” allows you to try and escape a zombie apocalypse.

Maybe you would prefer “The Abandoned,” which features an “abandoned” property of otherworldly mutant people. You may start seeing strange things as you creep through the attraction.

In the “Bloodmare Manor” attraction, prepare yourself for some classic Victorian gore.

The most favorite Halloween attraction at Fright Kingdom, however, is their “Psycho Circus” attraction, which is full of crazy, psychotic clowns.

Fright Kingdom also offers a more unique haunted attraction, called “Halfway to Halloween.” This attraction celebrates the halfway point to Halloween, and takes place in May. This is perfect for any horror fanatics out there who can’t get enough of October!

Haunted Overload

20 Orchard Way, Lee, NH


Celebrate the haunting season with Haunted Overload! Haunted Overload has been voted twice as one of the top 13 best haunted houses in the United States. The haunt is designed as a sort of show, with incredible props and looming monsters. Every year, the set is expanded to reveal new characters and situations.

If you’re looking for something that will truly chill your blood, look no further than the night time haunt, which is not recommended for young children.

If you’d like to just browse the set without fearing the regular appearances of the scary actors, Haunted Overload is often open for day haunts without actors so you can explore the area at your own pace.

Salisbury Woods

19 Franklin Road, Salisbury, NH


If you’re in search of a haunted trail close to Concord and the Lakes Region, Salisbury Woods is the perfect haunted Halloween event for you. Salisbury Woods has a haunted trail and haunted barn, making it a top haunted attraction in the state.

One awesome aspect of this attraction is they donate the ticket proceeds to local education and local arts and community organizations. We love seeing a haunted house benefit their small town during the Halloween season!

Salisbury Woods is open every Saturday in October as well as open Friday the last two weeks of October, which gives you plenty of time to explore the haunted trail. Known for their more “homegrown” feel, Salisbury Woods uses great ingenuity to create lifelike props that will truly scare you nearly to death!

House in Haunted Hill

248 NH RT 3A, Hill, NH


The House in Haunted Hill is a popular attraction for a reason. Walk up the house’s main staircase and enter a home riddled with 23 different twisting and turning rooms. The visual effects, sound effects, and nearly endless options regarding the different rooms, make this attraction one of the best in New Hampshire. If you love horror movies, this will be one of the can’t-miss Halloween events of the year.

This haunt is also a charity haunt, which means that your ticket price will help assist those who really need it. A haunted trail was added as well, so there is an attraction for everyone at House in Haunted Hill.

If your child is of young age and too scared to go through the main house, there is a fun corn maze just for them so they don’t miss out on all of the Halloween fun! It is not one of the haunted corn mazes, so don’t worry about it being too scary.

2023 note: House in Haunted Hill will not be open for the 2023 season but hopes to return in 2024.

Charmingfare Farm

774 High Street, Candia, NH


Want a change in pace from your normal freaky Halloween scream parks, free of paranormal activity and strange noises? Charmingfare Farm has a variety of fall activities that are perfect for celebrating Halloween, but in a less terrifying manner.

Charmingfare Farm hosts a Harvest of Haunts, which is a series of spooky events that are appropriate for young children and not deeply terrifying like most haunted attractions. This is nothing like a horror movie where there’s blood, gore, and slaughter.

Children and their families can enjoy horse-drawn rides through an autumn trail, or an informative program about creepy-crawlers such as snakes and spiders. They have a fire-breathing performer available as well to perform explosive fire tricks!

Later, there’s an evening stroll portion of the program that encourages children to walk with their parents through the woods, explaining that while the woods can be very eerie sometimes, there is plenty of wonder when it comes to nature. It’s definitely one of the more unique haunted attractions (that’s not quite so haunted).

The Dark Woods

150 North River Road, Milford, NH


Imagine walking in the woods at night, only to have a young girl covered in blood watch you from the trees. Ready to be full of fear and panic? The Dark Woods is a creepy walk through the woods, with a variety of gory, nasty creatures ready to pounce. There is also a haunted corn field available if you’d like to try and find your way out of a terrifying corn maze.

The Dark Woods will be open during the October season, which provides you and your loved ones plenty of time to make arrangements to attend. The sheer size and scope of this attraction will leave you feeling fully terrified and impressed!

Now that you’ve read about some of the greatest haunted houses in New Hampshire, start building your creepy itinerary today and prepare to be scared!

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