29 Apple Orchards for the Best Apple Picking in New Hampshire

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Apple picking is a quintessential New Hampshire fall activity, from September to early October. If this fun family activity is on your bucket list, you’re in lucky – we’ve rounded up the locations for the best apple picking in New Hampshire!

When you first feel the crispness of fall in the air, you might think of hay rides or pumpkin patches. Those are fun, sure, but there is nothing more quintessentially New England than apple picking, and it is the perfect autumn activity for the entire family. The peak season for apple picking in New Hampshire is the month of September, with the season sometimes going into early October.

In this post, we are going to explore the best apple orchards in New Hampshire for apple picking, and why this is one of the best things to do in New Hampshire in the fall. We will take a deep dive into where they are located, what kind of apples you can get, and the other activities that they offer. Tag along on this autumn themed ride, and learn about everything that New Hampshire apple orchards have to offer!

This post was most recently updated in September 2023.

A father holds up his daughter to reach an apple on a tree as the mother and son look on.
Apple picking at Applecrest Farm in New Hampshire, via New Hampshire Division of Travel & Tourism

Applecrest Farm Orchards

133 Exeter Road, Hampton Falls NH


Applecrest Farm Orchards is a 4th generation establishment that prides itself on an authentic connection to food. It is New Hampshire’s oldest and largest apple orchard, and the oldest continuously operated orchard in America. They grow over forty varieties of apples over 220 acres, and sell them by the peck and half bushel. They are open year round, seven days a week.

You can find all-natural apple cider, baked goods, and other locally produced products inside their barn. They offer several different festivals, a corn maze, and other fun activities.

Appleview Orchard

1266 Upper City Road, Pittsfield NH


A kid-friendly apple orchard that is an instant classic, Appleview Orchard offers a breathtaking setting of vistas and a gorgeous farm to explore. Located only minutes off the highway, it is the perfect spot for a casual stroll. They grow sixteen different varieties of apples, including Honeycrisp and McIntosh, which are available as pick your own or in pre-picked bags in their Country Gift Shoppe.

Some other features of Appleview Orchard include a farm animal corral, local gifts, and super premium gourmet ice cream served in homemade waffle cones. Hot coffee, tea, and cider are also available.

Cardigan Mountain Orchard

1540 Mount Cardigan Road, Alexandria NH


Featuring almost 1000 apple trees, the family business of Cardigan Mountain Orchard in the rural town of Alexandria is the perfect spot for a fall day trip. Pick your own apples starts on Labor Day and lasts until the end of October, as long as they have a supply of apples. They grow a total of sixteen varieties of apples on their land.

If you are looking for homemade baked goods, the Cardigan Mountain Orchard Country Store is the place to visit. They also offer apple cider that is pressed by hand for perfect flavor.

Currier Orchards

9 Peaslee Road, Merrimack NH


A family run establishment, Currier Orchards is a large and beautiful orchard tucked away to the south of Manchester. They grow ten varieties of apples and offer both pre-picked and pick your own options. They also offer utility apples for those interested.

In the Currier Orchards store you can find bake at home apple pies, unpasteurized apple cider, and other baked goods like donuts and breads. They also have a pumpkin patch.

Apple Hill Farm

580 Mountain Road, Concord NH


Apple Hill Farm is adjacent to the original historical road leading from East Concord to Canterbury. It was purchased in February of 1978 and began its life as neglected land with no buildings. Today it is an award-winning, bustling apple orchard featuring bagged apples for sale at the farm stand or pick your own. They are open seven days a week from Labor Day to Columbus Day.

In addition to apples, Apple Hill Farm sells their own homemade cider, jams, and baked goods at their farm stand. Other products local to New Hampshire are also available, along with fall vegetables.

Gould Hill Farm

656 Gould Hill Road, Contoocook NH


Gould Hill Orchard has been a family owned and operated farm since its inception. Featuring stunning views of the White Mountains, this farm is a memory-making destination for the residents of nearby Hopkinton and beyond. They grow over eighty varieties of apples offered as both pick your own and pre-picked in bags. They will even ship apples directly to your door!

The Gould Hill Orchard store sells a wide variety of products, including NH Made items and gifts. They bake their own pastries and make their own ice cream, and also offer wedding and event services.

Stone Mountain Farm

522 Laconia Road, Belmont NH


Stone Mountain Farm is a family owned business that has a high density apple orchard open from the end of August until Halloween. The orchard is pick your own and offers forty varieties of apples, so there are plenty of flavors to choose from. This is a beautiful place to visit with your family on an autumn day.

Besides apples, Stone Mountain Farm offers pumpkins, maple syrup, gourds, and local honey in their farmstand.

Hackleboro Orchards

61 Orchard Road, Canterbury NH


Hackleboro Orchards prides itself on fresh apples and stunning views from its observation tower. Only fifteen minutes off Route 93, it is a great pit stop on your way to the White Mountains with the kids. They grow many varieties of apples and do both pick your own and pre-picked bags.

Other offerings at Hackleboro Orchards include locally baked pies, vegetables, gourds, and souvenirs. There are also hayrides and baby goats.

Lull Farm

65 Broad Street, Hollis NH


Lull Farm was established in 1980 and has continued to grow since then. Situated in the quaint town of Hollis, they offer a wide variety of fresh, delicious apples for both pick your own and pre-picked bags. This is the perfect day trip with the family, with plenty of places to take pictures and make memories.

Lull Farm offers many features besides apples, including a large country store full of produce, flowers, and baked goods. There are also pumpkins and live animals.

Some of the best apple picking in New Hampshire can be found in the southern part of the state! Via DepositPhotos.

McLeod Orchards

735 North River Road, Milford NH


Less than one mile from the center of Milford is McLeod Orchards, a family owned farm in the foothills of the Monadnocks. Close to a river, this orchard is a picturesque area to enjoy on an autumn day. They grow several varieties of apples and boast a relaxed, low-key picking experience appropriate for any age from Labor Day until the end of October.

McLeod Orchards sells most of its produce through their CSA (Harvest Subscription), but they also have offerings of fruits and vegetables at their farm stand in the fall.

Meadow Lodge Farm

612 Route 129, Loudon NH


Meadow Ledge Farm is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your family. You cannot beat picking apples on a beautiful fall day, especially when they offer over forty varieties. They offer both pick your own and pre-picked bags of apples, and have a rotation of local musicians to provide entertainment.

Along with apples, Meadow Ledge Farm offers a country store with cider and donuts, pumpkins, and seasonal mums.

Poverty Lane Orchards and Farnum Hill Ciders

98 Poverty Lane, Lebanon NH


Poverty Lane Orchards grows a variety of apples for different purposes, including eating, cooking, and cider making. Their apple operation is one of the biggest and oldest in New Hampshire. They offer pick your own apples as well as pre-picked bags.

If you enjoy apple cider or hard cider, then Poverty Lane Orchards’s Farnum Hill Ciders branch is perfect for you.

Scooter’s Farm of Woodmont

25 Woodmont Drive, Hollis NH


Located in scenic Hollis just fifteen minutes outside of Nashua, Scooter’s Farm of Woodmont is a self-serve establishment that operates on the honor system. There are no pre-picked apples, so you must pick your own. They grow fifteen varieties of organic apples, so you are sure to be able to find something you like.

Scooter’s Farm of Woodmont offers a tranquil area to take pictures with the family and make memories that will last a lifetime.

2023 note: Unfortunately, Scooter’s will not be having a 2023 pick-your-own season due to the frost.

Smith Orchard

184 Leavitt Road, Belmont NH


Located just south of Laconia, Smith Orchard is a local standby that offers numerous varieties of apples. They keep their own bees to pollinate the trees, and believe that simple is best. They offer both pick your own and pre-picked bags of apples, and will ship apples straight to your door.

Other things available at Smith Orchard include maple products, jams and jellies, and baking mixes. They also have a Harvest Fall Brunch in September that is reservation only.

Surowiec Farm

53 Perley Hill Road, Sanbornton NH


Known as a scenic destination, Surowiec Farm is a quaint farmland set against the backdrop of New Hampshire’s magnificent mountain ranges. They offer several varieties of apples for pick your own and pre-picked in bags. This is a scenic spot that is perfect for exploring on the weekend with family.

In addition to apples, Surowiec Farm sells decorative gourds, chrysanthemums, and pumpkins. They also have seasonal vegetables and gifts at their farm stand.

Washburn’s Windy Hill Orchard

66 Mason Road, Greenville NH


Washburn’s Windy Hill Orchard in Greenville is a great spot to spend quality time with your loved ones. Featuring scenic views and sprawling farmland, you cannot go wrong visiting here. They offer both pick your own and bagged apples in many varieties.

Some other attractions at Washburn’s Windy Hill Orchard include the pumpkin patch, a corn maze, and their farm stand.

Windy Ridge Orchard

1775 Benton Road, North Haverhill NH


Windy Ridge Orchard is just over the border from Vermont in North Haverhill. They have been in continuous operation since 1968, and have expanded every year since then. They grow eighteen different varieties of apples and offer both pick your own and pre-picked in bags.

Besides apples, you can find a gift shop, nature trails, farm animals, and an art gallery all on site at Windy Ridge Orchard. In winter, they also offer Christmas trees.

Elwood Orchards

54 Elwood Road, Londonderry NH


Located just outside bustling Londonderry is Elwood Orchards, a family owned and operated business since 1910. They offer pick your own apples in several varieties and bagged apples at their farm stand. This is an awesome place to visit in the fall to make some memories.

Elwood Orchards also has a corn maze, seasonal vegetables, and baked goods on offer.

Patch Orchards

40 Patch Road, Lebanon NH


Patch Orchards has been farmed by the Patch family for eight generations, and they have a lot to be proud of. They have more than ten varieties of apples available for pick your own or in pre-picked bags. A visit here would make a perfect day trip on an autumn afternoon.

Along with apples, Patch Orchards produces their own maple products and seasonal produce, and hosts a variety of local events. A quintessential spot for the best apple picking in New Hampshire!

Alyson’s Orchard

57 Alyson’s Lane, Walpole NH


Known primarily as a year-round wedding and special event facility, Alyson’s Orchard is something of a legend in New Hampshire. They have over 450 acres of natural beauty, right near the Connecticut River, and grow many varieties of apples available for pick your own or in pre-picked bags at their farm stand.

Alyson’s Orchard offers several other kinds of produce, on site lodging, as well as swimming and fishing in their ponds.

New Hampshire apple picking is better with the people you love!

Butternut Farm

195 Meaderboro Road, Farmington NH


A family run establishment, Butternut Farm is also family friendly and close to the hubs of Rochester and Dover. They offer pick your own apples in over twenty varieties spread across six and a half acres. There are no pre-picked apples in bags, so be sure to come prepared!

Butternut Farm Cider House is a great attraction for those who enjoy hard cider, and they also have pies, donuts, and jams.

Carter Hill Orchard

73 Carter Hill Road, Concord NH


Carter Hill Orchard is a family run farm that focuses on making sure your family has a great time when visiting. Just outside the state capital of Concord, this local staple offers both pick your own and pre-picked bags of seventeen different varieties of apples.

From cider to baked goods, Carter Hill Orchard has more to offer than just apples. You can also buy baking mixes to make at home, as well as other produce.

DeMeritt Hill Farm

20 Orchard Way, Lee NH


With a history dating back to 1820, DeMeritt Hill Farm is a truly unique place to visit. They grow a wide variety of apples including both classics and the latest varieties. They offer both pick your own apples and pre-picked bags at their farm stand. Bring the whole family here for a fun day!

In addition to apples, DeMeritt Hill Farm is the home of Haunted Overload, one of the most popular Halloween attractions in the state. They also offer baked goods, cider, and gifts.

Hazelton Orchards

280 Derry Road, Chester NH


One of the smaller orchards on this list, Hazelton Orchards is still one that you should check out. A peaceful and tranquil location not far from Derry, this orchard offers a few varieties for both pick your own and pre-picked apples in bags. This is the perfect spot to visit if you are looking for a place that will be less crowded!

Hazelton Orchards has a farm stand where they sell other seasonal produce, as well as jams and baking mixes.

Mack’s Apples

230 Mammoth Road, Londonderry NH


A National Bicentennial Farm that dates back to 1732, Mack’s Apples is one of the largest historic orchards in New England. They are also the largest pick your own destination in New Hampshire, with many varieties of apples available in pre-picked bags as well. This is a great destination for a stroll while you pick your apples!

Mack’s Apples offers pumpkin patches and a farm market with homemade products like donuts, jams, and pies.

Stone Brook Hill Farm

123 Glidden Road, Gilford NH


Located only minutes from Lake Winnipesaukee in Gilford, Stone Brook Hill Farm has over 1600 apple trees and some of the best apple picking in New Hampshire. It has a great laid back, family friendly atmosphere that you are sure to love. After you have picked your own apples or bought some pre-picked ones, be sure to snap a photo in one of the scenic areas.

Other things on offer at Stone Brook Hill Farm include pumpkins, hayrides, and freshly made apple cake.

Brookdale Fruit Farm

41 Broad Street, Hollis NH


Founded in 1847, Brookdale Fruit Farm has been operating for seven generations and shows no sign of slowing down. They boast several varieties of apples for both pick your own and pre-picked in bags at their farm stand. This is a great place to explore on a beautiful fall day!

Besides apples, Brookdale Fruit Farm boasts their own raw honey, farming and gardening supplies, and much more.

Riverview Farm

141 River Road, Plainfield NH


Riverview Farm is nestled on the Connecticut River and has been owned and operated by the same family for over thirty years. They boast fifteen different varieties of apples available for both pick your own and in pre-picked bags. This is a truly gorgeous spot to bring the whole family.

Sunnycrest Farm

59 High Range Road, Londonderry NH


Sunnycrest Farm is a family friendly experience that everyone can enjoy, and they have been around since 1943. Located right in Londonderry, it is easy to visit them and pick your own apples or get pre-picked apples in bags, of which there are a few varieties. All of their open spaces are great to adventure around on a fall day.

Sunnycrest Farm has their own farmer’s market and bakery that provides seasonal fruits and veggies, breads, cookies, and more.

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