Where to Go Dog Sledding, New Hampshire in 2022

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Forget that pricey trip to Alaska — there is plenty of dog sledding in New Hampshire! The winter months are magical in New Hampshire, and one of our favorite outdoor activities is to go dog sledding! New Hampshire is home to several dog sledding providers, each with a unique experience.

If you usually come to New Hampshire for skiing and snowboarding — or even just shopping in North Conway — dog sledding is a fun activity to add to your travel memories. It’s one of those unique experiences that not many people think of to celebrate the gorgeous wintery weather.

A number of prestigious dog kennels with healthy, well cared for, and friendly dogs are on hand to give you a winter excursion you won’t soon forget!

We’ve rounded up the best places to experience New Hampshire dog sledding. What’s even better, you don’t have to wait until winter to enjoy these huskies! Some of these tour providers offer dog sledding in New Hampshire year-round.

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This post was most recently updated in May 2023.

A pack of smiling husky dogs leading a dogsled.
Beautiful sled dogs, via Shutterstock.

Dog Sledding NH FAQ

Where can you go dog sledding in New Hampshire?

Most New Hampshire dog sledding is in the northern part of the state — especially the White Mountains and further into the Great North Woods.

Is there dog sledding near North Conway?

We recommend Muddy Paw in Jefferson, NH, which is dog-sledding about an hourlong drive from North Conway.

Where can I watch a dog sledding race in New Hampshire?

The World Champion Sled Dog Derby takes place in Laconia, New Hampshire, every February and is a fun place to watch professionals race dog sleds!

Is dog sledding ethical?

It is when in the hands of a good provider who cares for the dogs and doesn’t push them beyond their limit. Luckily, we know many providers who treat their sled dogs well in New Hampshire!

Is NH Dog Sledding Ethical?

Here at New Hampshire Way, we love animals and only recommend activities where animals are treated fairly and with kindness. Dog sledding is not inherently a cruel activity — the dogs love (and need) this kind of exercise and are happiest when responding to strong leadership.

The vast majority of sled dog owners treat their dogs like family, constantly trimming their nails, massaging their feet, feeding them a healthy diet, and meticulously watching for signs of anything being off.

You do occasionally hear of bad sled dog owners in the news — because there are bad people in every industry. There are plenty of bad plumbers out there, but that doesn’t mean plumbing should be discontinued.

The following dog sledding providers have been vetted and treat their animals well.

Two little girls around six years old sitting on a sled in front of a snowy forest, while a husky dog gives them kisses.
Your kids will LOVE these sled dogs! Via DepositPhotos.

Muddy Paw, Jefferson, NH

Looking to go dog sledding in the White Mountains? Muddy Paw, a fantastic kennel, is just an hourlong drive from North Conway! Here you’ll experience the White Mountains like you never have before, while also supporting the rescue efforts of the folks caring for the fantastic canines at Muddy Paw. 

Visitors can have a family-friendly dog sledding adventure year-round, with dog sledding trips available from two to fifty miles in length. Muddy Paw promises more than a ride. Have a meet and greet with the dogs, help out to prepare the sledding team for the trail, and get as much hands-on experience with the pups as you are comfortable with. Then off you go on your ride! 

Proceeds to go help support over 100 rescue and second chance dogs that call Muddy Paw home. Reservations are required. 

Learn more about Muddy Paw NH Dog Sledding and book your trip here.

New England Dog Sledding, Colebrook, NH

If you’re heading into the Great North Woods, be sure to check out to New England Dog Sledding in Colebrook, New Hampshire. Dog sledding guides Steve and Leo provide a fun and educational adventure for adults and kids alike. Imagine slicing through the snow on a bright sunny day with a pack of friendly, fast dogs leading the way!

Their wagging tails will bring a smile to even the most serious of scrooges. Their team of Alaskan huskies are well-cared for, and it shows with the smiles they have for all guests. Their running trails follow the New Hampshire and Maine border, and the musher will explain the skills needed to run your own team. 

They have various dog sledding packages available, depending on your group’s interest. The owners believe in the genuine well-being of their dogs and in the importance of developing a trustful relationship with these beautiful animals. 

Learn more about New England Dog Sledding NH and book your sled ride here.

A black husky and a white husky, posing for the camera in front of the sled (the black one looks serious and the white one has his tongue hanging out), on the snow in New Hampshire.
Gorgeous sled dogs, courtesy of New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism.

Mountain View Grand, Whitefield, NH

Another excellent dog sledding option in the White Mountains is Mountain View Grand in Whitefield, NH. After some good hard-packed snowfall, Mountain View Grand offers several 1-hour dog sledding trips per day every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the winter months, weather permitting.

Not only will you ride, but you’ll also get to meet and greet the pups, and get an education on the intricacies of dog sledding straight from an experienced musher. 

Becki is the head musher, and she brings with her some fantastic dogs and lots of experience in the sport. She and her well-mannered pups are considered fierce competitors on the dog sledding circuit. 

In case the snow isn’t quite up to snuff, they still offer rolling rig rides – it’s just like sledding, only with wheels! Each rolling rig fits two guests. Be sure to make reservations for this amazing family-friendly event through the trails system of the Mountain View Grand resort. 

Learn more about Mountain View Grand and book your New Hampshire dog sledding trip here.

Northern Exposure Outfitters, Milan, NH

For Granite Staters, Milan is a town up north, not a big city in Italy — and at Northern Exposure Outfitters, you can live out your dog sledding dreams. Not only do these guys run great dog sledding tours, they also offer lessons and educational programs on dog sledding and more. 

Their adventures are hands-on, interactive, and perfect for those who crave a thrilling ride and have a love of dogs. The beautiful scenery of northeast New Hampshire is your backdrop; your musher is Bailey Cross Vitello. When the snow is absent, gorgeous fall foliage tours are available on a motorless rig.

Their dogs love to run and cannot wait to take you on a rousing ride!

Learn more about Northern Exposure Outfitters and book your dog sledding excursion here.

A back of six dogs that look more like dark German shepherds than huskies, sitting patiently and waiting to ride.
We love these adorable sled dogs. Via DepositPhotos.

World Champion Sled Dog Derby, Laconia, NH

Does New Hampshire have a dog sledding competition? Absolutely! If you’re interested in watching professionals race with sled dogs, you’d love World Champion Sled Dog Derby in Laconia, right on Lake Winnipesaukee!

The top dog sledding teams in the world converge on Laconia to compete in what is more than a race — it is a championship. It’s hosted by the Lakes Region Sled Dog Club and takes place in mid-February.

While this may not be Iditarod in Alaska, it is no less exciting as people come from far and wide to watch as several teams do what they were born to do; race along the hard-packed snow with a look of pure joy on their canine faces.

This derby has been a time-honored tradition since 1929. The international flavor of this event makes the Laconia World Championship Sled Dog Derby just one more reason to visit New Hampshire. 

Learn more about the World Champion Sled Dog Derby here.

Dog Sledding is Waiting for You!

If you’re ready to explore New England at its wintry best, it’s time to book some dog sled rides! All of these well-trained canines love to pull a sled. If you’re a dog-lover, this will thrill you to no end. If you’re a parent, this will turn your children into lifelong husky fans.

So bundle up and try a new winter activity in New Hampshire this year. Get on your dog sled and let the team whisk you away as you feel the cool wind on your cheeks and the joyful barks of your husky guides!

2023 Update: A previous version of this post recommend Valley Snow Dogz in Thorton and Braeburn Siberians, both of which have since closed.

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Have you been dog sledding? What did you enjoy about it?

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