33 Best Tattoo Artists in New Hampshire

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Some of the best tattoo artists in New Hampshire are among the best tattoo artists in the Northeast US! It’s true. New Hampshire has long been a leader in the tattoo industry.

It wasn’t so long ago that tattoo shops in most New England states were illegal. Vermonters couldn’t go to local tattoo shops until 1999; Massachusetts residents couldn’t until 2001. In that time, New Hampshire built out an extensive network of brilliant tattoo artists serving all of New England.

Choosing the right tattoo artist in New Hampshire is a decision you shouldn’t make lightly. So we’ve put together a list of the best tattoo artists in New Hampshire for you to peruse.

Check out these artists. Check out their work. And then you’ll be ready to check out the best tattoo parlors in New Hampshire.

This post was most recently updated in May 2023.

A tattoo artist wearing black gloves tattoos a rainbow design in the inside of a woman's elbow.
A tattoo artist hard at work, via DepositPhotos.

Mayhem Ink Tattoo

Nashua and Salem, New Hampshire


Mayhem Ink Tattoo has two locations, both in Nashua and Salem, New Hampshire. The shop offers free 15-minute tattoo consultations to meet with your chosen artist and communicate what you’re looking for. If the tattoo artist thinks a different team member would be a better artist for the style of tattoo you’re looking for, they’ll let you know.

All the artists at the shop are passionate about the art they create and want you to be as eager and excited about it.

Voted the best tattoo shop in Nashua, NH, the artists at Mayhem enjoy creating special and permanent art for their clients. The shop is also proud to offer tattoos at reasonable prices and has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings. 

Tattoo Artists at Mayhem Ink Tattoo in Salem NH:

Katie: With over seven years of experience, Katie prides herself on clean lines and enjoys colorful, black and grey, floral, and realism art.

Erin: Erin has 13 years of experience in the industry and enjoys geometric, mandalas, florals, fine lines, and tiny intricate details. This artist is best known for their clean lines.

Kalyath: With a love for tattooing, Kalyath enjoys neotraditional, anime, and black and grey styles most of all. This artist has been in the tattoo business for over four years.

Tattoo Artists at Mayhem Ink Tattoo in Nashua NH:

Niki: Known as the Queen of Clean Lines, Niki has been tattooing since 2018 and enjoys neotraditional and illustrative art. Niki prefers black and grey art but will do color as requested. 

Rufas: Rufas enjoys walk-ins and would love to help you create your next tattoo. He’s excellent at intricate and unique work. 

Steve: Known as the walk-in guy, Stevie likes to tattoo the spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment walk-in guests. 

Arrows & Embers

Concord, New Hampshire


Arrows and Embers Tattoo specializes in custom, intricate tattoos and has been open since 2010. Tattoos from this shop have been featured in both international and local print, including Tattoo You Magazine, Tattoo Revue, Rebel Ink, The Hippo, New Hampshire Magazine, and The Concord Monitor.

The shop encourages you to come up with your own ideas and be creative when considering the design you want. The shop does not use pre-designed art; the artists create all the art themselves. The shop will do free consultations so you can discuss the design with the artist.

Arrows and Embers encourage you to ensure you and the artist you’ll be working with are a good fit. All the artists at this tattoo shop work very well with color and create highly detailed designs. 

Tattoo Artists at Arrows and Embers in Concord, NH:

Sean Ambrose: Owner and tattoo artist Sean has over 15 years of experience. He is a self-proclaimed “tattoo geek” and is excited to try anything you throw at him. If you let him have a bit of creative freedom with your idea, he will run with it and blow you away.

Anastasia Hurley: New to this tattoo shop, Anastasia was previously a tattoo artist in Germany and Russia. She can create some very intricate and unique artwork. 

Luna Alden: Luna has been tattooing since a young age, as the daughter of a tattoo artist. Her favorite things to tattoo are plants and organic subjects, though she also considers herself a jack of all trades.

Wayne’s Tattoo World

Derry, New Hampshire


First established in 1999 by Wayne Morel, the tattoo shop has become a popular world-class establishment. Wayne’s Tattoo World draws in clients from all over New England looking for professional, detailed, creative art. You can expect a high-quality design, whether it’s your first tattoo or a new one. The shop also offers body jewelry and piercings. 

Tattoo Artists at Wayne’s Tattoo World in Derry NH:

Jake Parrington: This innovative tattoo artist is known for his custom, fully saturated, unique tattoo art that stands the test of time. He is well versed in all styles and can do anything you’d like. He joined this shop in 2016. 

Benjamin Zikmanis: The newest licensed tattoo artist, Benjamin has always been a fan of tattoos and is passionate about the field. He hopes to one day travel the world creating tattoos. He joined the shop in 2019 and became licensed in 2022.

Midnight Moon


Meredith, New Hampshire 

Midnight Moon was established in 1993 and continues to provide professional, detailed tattoos to clients. The shop does both tattoo work and body piercing. The shop has a great atmosphere so clients feel comfortable during their apportionment. 

Tattoo Artists at Midnight Moon in Meredith NH:

Mathew Clark: Mathew is the owner of Midnight Moon and opened the shop in 1993 at the age of 18. He is a respected artist both nationally and internationally and travels the world creating tattoos and learning more about the art form. His favorite type of work is Japanese-influenced and illustrative-realism art in color. 

Timm Myers: Timm is most interested in realistic tattooing. He loves memorializing a loved one or pet and enjoys the challenge. He began tattooing in 1997.

Robert Blackadar: Robert enjoys blackwork, geometric, dotwork, and optical illusion tattoos best. He began tattooing in 2012 and has become well known for his fine lines, structure, and graffiti art.

Tattoo Angus


Manchester, New Hampshire

Tattoo Angus has seven amazing NH tattoo artists who specialize and focus on different subjects, so there is an artist for any concept. Not only does the shop create unique, high-quality tattoos for its clients, but it also removes unwanted tattoos using Tatt2Away, a nonlaser tattoo removal service. Clients can expect a great experience at one of the best tattoo shops in New Hampshire. 

Tattoo Artists at Tattoo Angus in Manchester NH:

Dave McCormick: Dave has been tattooing for over 25 years and enjoys realism, neotraditional, and black and grey art best. 

Renee Zupparado: With over 15 years of experience, Renee has grown to love realism and black and grey. 

Benny Kravitz: Benny has an extensive portfolio, featuring color and black and grey art.

Grim North Tattoo & Piercing


Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Located in the heart of Portsmouth, Grim North Tattoo & Piercing offers both tattoo services and piercings. The shop has been open since 2012 and clients can look forward to high-quality tattoos, private areas where tattoos are done, and a comfortable, safe environment. All tattoos are custom, original designs, and jewelry for piercings are high-quality metals. 

Tattoo Artists at Grim North Tattoo & Piercing in Portsmouth NH:

Stina Sardinha Wulfe: Since 2000, Stina has been a tattoo artist. She enjoys illustrative and neotraditional tattoos with a particular interest in floral, pop-culture fan art, and creepy art. 

James Moller Wulfe: James has been tattooing since 2008 and is best known for his black and grey realism. He also enjoys colorful traditional-inspired art. 

Joshua Andrew Belanger: Before becoming a tattoo artist in 2016, Joshua was a graphic designer for 15 years. He likes neotraditional, illustrative, and comic-style tattooing. 

Shogun Tattoo


Salem, New Hampshire

Shogun Tattoo was formerly known as Dragon Lair and was established in 1991. With six talented artists in the shop, all have different expertise and interests, so there is someone for every client’s interest. Together, the artists have over 125 years of combined experience.

You can book a consultation before your tattoo appointment to communicate precisely what you’re looking for with your artist. You can call using the phone number on the website or leave a message via e-mail.

Tattoo Artists at Shogun Tattoo in Salem NH:

Jamey Proctor: Jame first opened a tattoo shop in 1991 known as Dragons Lair, which was successful for almost 19 years. He now co-owns Shogun Tattoo and ensures all artists have fun and make their clients feel excited and comfortable about the experience. 

Tom Sardinha: Tom works on intricate tattoo designs and makes great ideas come to life in a colorful way. 

Matt Feugill: Matt is a pro in calligraphy. He does a ton of names, quotes, and word art for clients. He is an amazing artist who looks forward to working with clients.

Summer’s End Studios


Durham, New Hampshire

Summer’s End Studios is an entirely custom tattoo shop. Artists welcome clients interested in small tattoos to large-scale projects. Artists are available for consultations in person, via phone, or video chat.

Customer service is essential and artists go out of their way to make sure clients can receive a consultation ahead of time. There are many talented people to choose from at this shop who have done some fantastic work.

Summer’s End also has gift certificates available for purchase, and they are close to UNH.

Tattoo Artists at Summer’s End Studios in Durham NH:

Lynn: Lynn has been tattooing for a long time and can do a wide range of tattoo styles but specializes in illustrative realism tattoos in full color. 

Ben: With an interest and specialization in graphic patterns, dot work, blackwork, and geometric style tattooing, this is the best artist if you’re interested in this type of art.

Dark Mark Tattoo


Keene, New Hampshire

Located in Keene, Dark Mark Tattoo has been open since 2014. It is an appointment-only, fully custom tattoo studio. The tattoo shop has won several awards, including Best Tattoo Studio in Keene eight years in a row. Appointments can be made by emailing artists.

In addition, there are sometimes guest artists who come bringing a unique style to the studio.

The shop also does coverups so you can enjoy a redemption tattoo. Enjoy a new piece of art to show off and for good reason, there are only high-quality artists at this tattoo parlor in New Hampshire.  

Tattoo Artists at Dark Mark Tattoo in Keene, NH:

Cynthia Finch: Cynthia is the owner of the tattoo shop. She has won several awards as a tattoo artist and piercer. She enjoys colorful tattoos best of all and specializes in comic and detailed art.

Tristan Lewellyn: On Tristan’s Instagram, he often displays his own designs that have been pre-drawn and are available for tattoos at a discounted rate. Tristan specializes in black and grey art. 

Crystal Warren: The kind of tattoos Crystal is interested in are colorful, “cutesy” tattoos. She uses many bright colors, often tattoos animals, and does other illustrative work.

Capital City Tattoo


Concord, New Hampshire

At Capital City Tattoo, consultations are required in order to book an appointment. The shop focuses on custom designs to create something new and unique for clients. Unfortunately, no walk-ins are accepted at this time due to artist availability.

Capital City Tattoo is one of the best tattoo parlors in Concord NH. From smaller tattoos to larger tattoos, the resident artists at this shop enjoy building a close relationship with their clients and have their own unique style to offer. 

Tattoo Artists at Capital City Tattoo in Concord NH:

Scott Flanders: Scott opened Capital City Tattoo in 2015. He focuses on hyper realism tattoos but can do just about anything. 

Nicolle Larhette – Nicolle has been tattooing for 6 years. She prefers to work on black and grey art.

Jimi Scott: Jimi began tattooing ten years ago. He focuses solely on geometry, traditional, new school, illustrative, and minimalist tattoo art. 

Other shops to consider checking out in New Hampshire include Scorpion Tattooing, Precision Body Arts, and East Coast Tattoo & Body Piercing which are also some of the best tattoo parlors in the New Hampshire area. 

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