7 Best Bakeries in Portsmouth NH

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There are so many delicious bakeries in Portsmouth NH! Portsmouth is one of our favorite New Hampshire towns — a cool, quirky place with history, culture, and shops you won’t find anywhere else. However, New England foodies know that Portsmouth is the culinary capital of New Hampshire, with tons of great places to grab food.

Plus, it’s not all dinner and drinks in downtown Portsmouth. There are tons of great restaurants in Portsmouth as well as Portsmouth bars, but there are also great breakfast and brunch spots, as well as bakeries and cafes. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there are some phenomenal options.

In fact, there are so many great restaurants here that it can be hard to decide where to grab a bite. Fortunately, this list of the best bakeries in Portsmouth NH should help guide you in your search for the best artisan bread and pastries. These entries range from traditional bakeries to cafes, as well as restaurants with fresh baked goods, so you’ll definitely find something that hits the spot.

This post was most recently updated in May 2023.

Ceres Bakery

51 Penhallow Street, Portsmouth, NH // (603) 436-6518


Idyllic and ivy-covered, the outside of Ceres Bakery greets visitors with an abundance of charm, which is only topped by the warmth and welcoming atmosphere that patrons will be met with once inside. There you’ll find that Ceres is cozy, quaint, and vaguely quirky. It’s no surprise it holds the title of the best place for baked goods for many locals.

It’s an ideal spot for your daily bread, morning croissant, or lunch. Have a salad and sandwich while you sit on the cute patio or you can take a pie or tart to go and enjoy it at home.

The establishment has been operating in Portsmouth for 40 years, and they’ve used that time to perfect their bread and pastries and establish themselves as one of the premier bakeries in the area.

What to get at Ceres: The daily specials are always a good bet, but if you want to plan ahead, why not try an egg wrap, made with a frittata, for breakfast? For lunch, choose the Ham & Boursin, or whichever sandwich suits you best. Peanut butter & marshmallow spread on some freshly baked bread is always a hit with the kiddos!

A bakery case full of cookies, popover, and other baked goods

Popovers on the Square

8 Congress St., Portsmouth, NH // (603) 431-1119


If you’re looking for something tasty in a chic, elevated setting, look no further than Popovers on the Square. This bakery has a stylish atmosphere that matches its delicious treats, making it a great spot for dates and business lunches.

Their specialty is, of course, the popover. If you’re not familiar, it’s a staple of New England that features a crispy exterior, and a hollow, eggy inside. This bakery serves them with maple butter.

However, if you’re looking for something more substantial, don’t worry. Breakfast, brunch, and lunch are all options at Popovers on the Square.

What to get at Popovers on the Square: A popover is perfect any time and the obvious fan favorite. For brunch, you can’t beat the vegetable + swiss quiche, which is also gluten-free. And if you’re heading in for lunch, try the New England Clam Chowder or Korean BBQ Rice Bowl. Kids will love the grilled cheese and tomato soup!

Elephantine Bakery

10 Commercial Alley, No. 2, Portsmouth, NH // (603) 319-6189


Just a few blocks away from Popovers on the Square is Elephantine Bakery, a great place to relax with a baked good and a cup of coffee. The team behind Elephantine is inspired by the universality of bread, across time and cultures. They serve many forms of bread, lots of which are Mediterranean-influenced but are always baked with French techniques.

A small menu is served every weekday for breakfast and lunch, and more expansive options are available for weekend brunch. This is a popular spot to visit on a Sunday morning. Their menu is varied and diverse, incorporating items like shakshuka, alongside pain au chocolat, and artisanal waffles.

What to get at Elephantine Bakery: For something simple, try the Ricotta and Honey Toast. Not only is the bread made in-house, but the ricotta is as well. Eggs Simit is another great choice, it’s available every day of the week and features jammy eggs, za’atar feta, hummus, and beet pistachio spread, all on some tasty bread.

La Maison Navarre

121 Congress St., Portsmouth, NH // (603) 373-8401


If you want to visit Paris but are instead in Portsmouth, La Maison Navarre can help transport you away. This is a truly authentic French experience of a bakery and wine bar, or a “Pâtisserie Française and Bar à Vin”.

Part of the charm of this establishment is how many experiences it offers. Not only are French pastries and macarons available, but they are sold alongside bread, baguettes, and croissants, for all your bakery needs.

Furthermore, there are full meals available too. These range from quiches to sandwiches to crepes, each offering a different element of French fare and unique flavors. Drinks are another specialty of La Maison Navarre, as well. They offer a solid cup of joe and espresso drinks throughout the day, but on Thursday-Saturday, they’re open until 9, which offers the perfect opportunity to partake in their wine offerings as well.

What to get at La Maison Navarre: The chocolate twists and almond croissants are heavenly. If you want something heavier, we recommend the Croque Monsieur. A simple Cinnamon Sugar or Nutella Crepe is sure to delight everyone as well, including kids!

Kaffee Vonsolln

79 Daniel St., Portsmouth, NH // (603) 373-0570


Those looking for more international bakery adventures will be delighted with Kaffee Vonsolln, which offers traditional German pastries alongside excellent coffee. It’s a great place to meet up with friends or first dates, or just to get some work or studying done while you sip on espresso.

There’s a strong coffee shop atmosphere at this cafe, but it’s also more than just lattes and muffins. There are breakfast sandwiches on warm biscuits or bagels available. For lunchtime, they offer several sandwiches on Cuban rolls or rosemary focaccia. There’s also a rotating selection of pastries, which include cakes, scones, strudels, and more. Ask the friendly staff for their recommendation if you can’t choose!

What to get at Kaffee Vonsolln: A Bacon, Egg, & Cheese on a bagel is a classic breakfast choice. For lunch, we recommend the Veggie Panini, with spinach, pesto, tomato, and cheddar, on rosemary focaccia bread. Of course, a coffee and strudel is a must as well!

The Works Cafe

9 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH // (603) 431-4434


Right across from Popovers on the Square is the Portsmouth location of this bakery chain. With locations across New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and Upstate New York, the Works Cafe is a New England staple.

They offer many fresh baked bagel varieties, as well as sandwiches and typical lunch fare. Their menu is balanced and also offers breakfast burritos, soups, smoothies, mac and cheese, and ancient grains power bowls. However, the bagels are definitely the star of the show for this bakery, because they’re New York-style, and are baked in smaller batches throughout the day, so there are always fresh ones available.

All of their dishes are crafted to be better for you than the alternatives. This means that their great food features many organic, GMO-free, and local ingredients.

What to get at Works Cafe: In the morning, the Spicy Southwest Chicken Burrito is a great option. It’s made with locally-sourced eggs and lots of veggies. As for vegans, a tasty bagel with plant-based cream cheese is a great option! A Roasted Artichoke Panini is a delicious lunch option, especially when paired with the soup du jour. Kids will enjoy the mac and cheese!

Fezziwig’s Food & Fountain

112 State Street, Portsmouth, NH // (603) 501-0023


To be fair, Fezziwig’s is more brasserie than boulangerie. Which is to say, it’s not a traditional bakery and is more of a restaurant instead. However, it’s a fun place to stop in for a bite, and they offer plenty of baked goods alongside their main menu items!

Sandwiches, soups, salads, and more are featured at this quirky and charming lunch spot. They also have fun offerings like Lobster Macaroni & Cheese and Poutine Fries. Plus, they serve breakfast all day with American and French classics that range from Croque-Madame to Chicken & Waffles.

On the baked good side of things, they have a rotating selection, so you’ll have to stop in or call to find out the current specials. But there are often crepes and macarons, among other sweet treats available.

What to get at Fezziwig’s: Try the Chicken Parmesan for lunch or Irish Benedict in the morning. The Margherita Pizza is great for vegetarians and kids alike! Be sure to try whichever flavor of macaron is offered, but the earl grey is a treat if it’s available.

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